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Hi, My edison have some problems.


Need some help getting my Arduino Edison working correctly and I'm a novice. When I power on edison and see boot process through terminal on MAC, a lot of 'FAILED ERROR"s came out.



WR: 20104000


SCU IPC: 0x800000d0 0xfffce92c

PSH miaHOB version: TNG.B0.VVBD.0000000c

microkernel built 10:14:01 Jan 13 2015

******* PSH loader *******

PCM page cache size = 192 KB

Cache Constraint = 0 Pages

Arming IPC driver ..

Adding page store pool ..

PagestoreAddr(IMR Start Address) = 0x04899000

pageStoreSize(IMR Size) = 0x00080000

*** Ready to receive application ***

U-Boot 2014.04 (Jan 30 2015 - 14:15:53)

Watchdog enabled

DRAM: 980.6 MiB

MMC: tangier_sdhci: 0

In: serial

Out: serial

Err: serial

Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0


Partitioning already done...

Flashing already done...

GADGET DRIVER: usb_dnl_dfu

reading vmlinuz

5348960 bytes read in 132 ms (38.6 MiB/s)

Valid Boot Flag

Setup Size = 0x00003c00

Magic signature found

Using boot protocol version 2.0c

Linux kernel version 3.10.17-poky-edison+ (sys_dswci@tlsndgbuild004) # 1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jan 30 14:16:35 CET 2015

Building boot_params at 0x00090000

Loading bzImage at address 00100000 (5333600 bytes)

Magic signature found

Kernel command line: "root=PARTUUID=012b3303-34ac-284d-99b4-34e03a2335f4 rootfstype=ext4 console=ttyMFD2 earlyprintk=ttyMFD2,keep loglevel=4 hardware_id=00 g_multi.iSerialNumber=cc877605fdf9da47745d608c86c4af8c"

Starting kernel ...

[ 1.698834] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Error reading battery profile from battid frmwrk

[ 1.706129] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery Over heat exception

[ 1.706219] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery0 temperature inside boundary

Welcome to Linux!

Expecting device dev-ttyMFD2.device...

Expecting device sys-subsystem-net-devices-wlan0.device...

[ OK ] Reached target Remote File Systems.

Expecting device dev-disk-by\x2dpartlabel-factory.device...

Expecting device sys-subsystem-net-devices-usb0.device...

[ OK ] Reached target Paths.

[ OK ] Set up automount Arbitrary Executable File Formats F...utomount Point.

[ OK ] Reached target Swap.

[ OK ] Created slice Root Slice.

[ OK ] Listening on Journal Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on udev Control Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on /dev/initctl Compatibility Named Pipe.

[ OK ] Listening on udev Kernel Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on Delayed Shutdown Socket.

[ OK ] Created slice User and Session Slice.

[ OK ] Created slice System Slice.

Starting Create list of required static device nodes...rrent kernel...

Starting Apply Kernel Variables...

Starting udev Coldplug all Devices...

Starting Journal Service...

[ OK ] Started Journal Service.

Mounting Debug File System...

Starting Load Kernel Modules...

Mounting POSIX Message Queue File System...

[ OK ] Reached target Slices.

Starting Remount Root and Kernel File Systems...

[ OK ] Created slice system-serial\x2dgetty.slice.

[ OK ] Created slice system-getty.slice.

Mounting Temporary Directory...

[ OK ] Set up automount boot.automount.

[ OK ] Mounted POSIX Message Queue File System.

[ OK ] Mounted Debug File System.

[ OK ] Mounted Temporary Directory.

[ OK ] Started Create list of required static device nodes ...current kernel.

[ OK ] Started Apply Kernel Variables.

[ OK ] Started Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.

[ OK ] Started udev Coldplug all Devices.

[FAILED] Failed to start Load Kernel Modules.

See 'systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service' for details.

Mounting FUSE Control File System...

Mounting Configuration File System...

Starting Load/Save Random Seed...

Starting Create Static Device Nodes in /dev...

[ OK ] Mounted Configuration File System.

[ OK ] Mounted FUSE Control File System.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save Random Seed.

[ OK ] Started Create Static Device Nodes in /dev.

Starting udev Kernel Device Manager...

[ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems (Pre).

Mounting /var/volatile...

[ OK ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager.

[ OK ] Mounted /var/volatile.

[ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems.

Starting Trigger Flushing of Journal to Persistent Storage...

Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories...

[ OK ] Started Create Volatile Files and Directories.

[ OK ] Started Trigger Flushing of Journal to Persistent Storage.

Starting Network Time Synchronization...

Starting Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown...

[ OK ] Started Network Time Synchronization.

[ OK ] Found device /dev/disk/by-partlabel/factory.

[ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown.

[ OK ] Found device /dev/ttyMFD2.

Mounting Mount for factory...

[ OK ] Reached target System Initialization.

[ OK ] Reached target Timers.

[ OK ] Listening on D-Bus System Message Bus Socket.

Starting Console System Startup Logging...

Starting Restore Sound Card State...

[ OK ] Mounted Mount for factory.

[FAILED] Failed to start Console System Startup Logging.

See 'systemctl status console-kit-log-system-start.service' for details.

[ OK ] Started Restore Sound Card State.

[ OK ] Found device /sys/subsystem/net/devices/wlan0.

[ OK ] Created slice system-systemd\x2drfkill.slice.

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill2...

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill1...

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill0...

[ OK ] Reached target Sound Card.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill2.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill1.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill0.

[ TIME ] Timed out waiting for device sys-subsystem-net-devices-usb0.device.

[DEPEND] Dependency failed for sshd.socket.

[ OK ] Reached target Sockets.

[ OK ] Reached target Basic System.

Starting Watchdog sample daemon...</p...

2 Replies

Hello chois,

There's something wrong with your Edison's image. There are a couple of methods we can try to recover your board to a stable state.

First, try using Flash Tool Lite, you will find the tool itself alongside a guide on how to use it in

If the method above doesn't work, then you should try the flashall method. You will find a guide on how to use it on Windows, Linux and OSX in .

Try these methods and let us know.



Hi chois,

Have you been able to use your board without problems?