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Hi how can i claim for a replacement warranty for my compute stick here in phillippines? Product warranty still good until january 17, 2017 as of my checking here.

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Hi need to replace compute stick it all messed up when intel prompt me to install the remote keyboard to the latest version, so i did that, but it wont open when i double click the icon after installation of the new version remote keyboard just two days ago thats why i am here, so i decided to uninstall all together the application whats the use anyway if it ain't working so i uninstall it and decided to restart the stick after uninstalling it, but i was surprise that i could not enter my pin on restart a couple of times that is strange i said, it is the first time it ever happened so i tried changing from pin to password instead of my microsoft account but it still cant recognize any of which either pin nor password which is really strange for me now and it pisses me off already because i tried it more than ten times and no luck at all to enter into windows 10 which i upgraded OTA without problems just a month ago. I have no problem accessing my Xbox one with the same account and neither my windows tablet at that. So why is the stick having problems with the same account now right after i uninstall the new version of intels remote keyboard? Last night i decided to reset the stick leaving my apps and other stuffs but it cannot reset itself it only go through 30+ % and say that there is a problem error resetting itself. Other advance troubleshooting i tried as well yield the same error so it still unfixed and i demand replacement from intel. Prior to that uninstalling the latest version of the remote keyboard the stick served me well in fairness to intel.

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Hello, drewb:

I have sent you a private message.