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How can I send the 9-axis sensor data from one edison to another edison and later on I have to get it into PC. If there is any publishing and subscribing code in c++(MQTT), It would be very good to see if there is any solution. Thanks

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Hi @vasureddy​ ,


Thanks for reaching out. I think it really depends on what your needs are, do you need the data real time on all 3 systems and what are you doing with the data? ( Edison1 -> Edison2 -> PC || OR || Edison1 -> Edison2 and PC). You could try sharing data via Bluetooth from Edison1 to Edison2, then via Wi-Fi to your PC, or you could try setting your Edison1 as a Hotspot and connect your devices (Edison2 and PC) to it and transfer via UDP/TCP sockets.


I am not sure if there are any relevant code samples available at this point in time, since the product has been EOL'd for quite some time. You could probably find some samples, but may not be as straightforward to get them functional.