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How do I implement automatic boot on application of power in the BIOS on a Windows version of the Compute Stick?.


A few weeks ago I posted a query regarding inability to get to the BIOS using the F2, F7, etc. Menu on Start Up of the Compute Stick so I could update the BIOS. It turns out that you only have a few seconds on startup to access the BIOS function. If the Computer Stick has started loading, you it will ignore the inputs. The solution was to be pressing the function key you want, when you press the Power button. Accessing the BIOS thru Windows, still does not work as it is supposed to.

I would like to implement automatic boot and load upon application of power, but how to do this is not obvious, once you get into the BIOS, as is possible on the NUC.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi cswift,

It is possible to get into the BIOS doing the following:

1) Power off the stick


2) Press and hold the power button down for 3 seconds then release it.


3) The NUC will provide you with 5 options

More information Intel® Compute Stick — Power Button Menu BIOS Update Instructions

It is possible to update the BIOS using a USB drive or microSD card.

-If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, follow the steps described on the link below: Intel® Compute Stick — Using Bluetooth* Keyboards During POST and in BIOS Setup

The Boot Display options might be disable in the BIOS, so F2, F7 could not be working. Get into the BIOS>Configuration tab>Boot Display and enable the options.



Mike C