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How to get stable ad-hoc connection with ch12 or ch13?

Using an Edison with activation of wifi adhoc, and its under the evalution right now.

Though it can be working at the beginning, it became unstable shortly.

Using wifi channel is 12 and 13 as they are reagal channels here in Japan.

Any comment or suggestion would be appreciated.


Our Environment and its procedure is below

Board:Intel Edison Kit for Arduino

OS:Intel Edison Board Firmware Software Release 2.1



  root@edison:~# cat /etc/version




1.Set country code [ccode=ALL] to [ccode=JP]

2.Set ch13 as an adhoc

ifconfig wlan0 up

-wait for 3 seconds-

wpa_cli -iwlan0 disconnect

wpa_cli -iwlan0 remove_network all

wpa_cli -iwlan0 add_network

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 frequency 2472

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 mode 1

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 ssid \"toroXX\"

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 auth_alg OPEN

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 key_mgmt NONE

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 scan_ssid 1

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 wep_key0 31323331323331323331323361

wpa_cli -iwlan0 set_network 0 wep_tx_keyidx 0

wpa_cli -iwlan0 select_network 0

wpa_cli -iwlan0 enable_network 0

wpa_cli -iwlan0 reassociate"

-wait for 3 seconds

ifconfig wlan0 netmask up

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Thanks for your cooperation.

I see that the channel 12,13,14 is the channel which edison module won't support.

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