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How to make an arduino c program compile and run on edison,not through arduino IDE

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I'm using Intel edison arduino expansion board.I want to use an arduino program run on the intel edison board run on the console and output also in the console,not by using the arduino software IDE.Can it be possible.??

Can you please let me know the procedure of doing that?? Can you please let me know the software used for this procedure.Please do needful.

Refered Link: Compiling Arduino sketchs on Galileo/Edison from command line | ctrl-x ctrl-s

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Hi Radhika.k,



Thank you for contacting us.



I think that it is not possible, you have to upload the sketch from the IDE to the Edison at least for the first time. Once you have downloaded the sketch in the Edison, you can find it in the directory: /sketch/ and you can manipulate it in the way that you want.



The guide that you shared well you still need the Arduino IDE to watch the logs when it is compiling to create your own makefile, so it is more complicated. As a workaround I recommend you to create C/C++ programs directly in the Edison using the supported libraries.



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