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How to write text to a Sharp memory lcd


Hi everyone,

I'm working on a project and I want to use the Sharp memory lcd (size 96x96).

I'm using the Edison mini breakout and my display(adafruit breakout) is already connected like mentioned in the Adafruit tutorial (see link below).

(so I only use 3 wires and NO arduino, I know there are libraries on the adafruit site but they are all made for arduino...)

What is want to do is write text/characters to the display.

I wanted to get started with some simple example code just to write text to the display but I can't find anything usefull to me.

All the example code either use more than 3 wires or is to bulky for me to understand what they are doing/ how to do it.

Does anyone of you have a small/simple code example to write text to the sharp memory display?

Anything that could be usefull is welcome...

Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,



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Hi JonasBous,

I checked the display in the link you posted. Unfortunately, there isn't a quick way to use this display with the Mini-Breakout Board, and I'm not aware of any sample code for it besides the one provided by Adafruit.

You would have to write a new library for it. You could use the one provided by Adafruit as guidance. Additionally, the I/O pins on the Mini-Breakout Board uses 1.8V logic, so you have to make sure there is logic compatibility between the external hardware and the Mini-Breakout Board.

The display uses the SPI interface, so you should program the SPI to communicate with the display. I recommend you to look for the datasheet of this display to know the details of it.

I know this is not the answer you expected, but as I said, there aren't sample codes for this display. The only way to try to use it would be to program your own library.




Hi Diego,


I'm aware of the fact that the IO's are 1.8V , I'm using a level shifter(see link below) to solve this issue. SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional - BOB-12009 - SparkFun Electronics

I know the display uses SPI for communication and already had a look at it's datasheet.

Like you said, this wasn't exactly the answer I was hoping for but thanks for you advice.