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I have been unable to get F2, F7, F8, or F10 to work. I plan to return the ICS to my place of purchase. Nice try and appreciate the help.


I appreciate the help and suggestions, but at this point, I have to say that I am very disappointed in the ICS and Intel's product support. It ran the computationally simple application quite nicely, once Windows 8 loaded. I needed the ICS to come up and run with the application of power, but without access to the BIOS, it would not meet the client's needs.

I rebuild Electronic Organ and turn them into Virtual Pipe Organs. To date I have used 4 NUCs to run the "Sound Engine" and they have performed very well. I wanted to use the ICS to replace the Music Rack by displaying .pdf files of the sheet music on a large monitor. However, the NUC and the ICS must boot up and be operational in less than 90 seconds after the Organist turns on the Power Switch for the organ. The NUC with an SSD is ready to play in 42 seconds. It looked like the ICS had the potential to solve the problem and it seemed to perform quite well and offered exceptional value.

Nice try Intel, but very disappointing results.

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