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I wondered about the meaning of MRAA !

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it is little bit mass but suddenly I wondered about the meaning of MRAA.

What is the meaning of MRAA? I searching for wiki but the solution is MRAA( Motorcycle Riders Association of Australia)

lolllll.... help my question.. thank you

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Hello HWEG,



Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.



I have moved this thread to the Intel® Edison forum so you can get a faster response.



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Juan V.
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Hello HWEG,



Thank you for interest in the Intel® Edison Breakout Board.



I looked up the information regarding the meaning of the word MRAA and the answer might be a little unfulfilling. Brendan Le Foll (aka arfoll), one of the people responsible in the development of MRAA once mentioned the following when asked "What does MRAA mean?"



It's short, easy to type and means whatever you want/nothing



And added this after another community member insisted:



MRAA means nothing, sorry to disappoint I'm just bad/have complete disregard for picking project names.



If you are interested in check the GitHub interaction by yourself, please check this links:



If you have any update or question, don't hesitate to contact us.



Have a nice day.





Andres V.