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Install Netstat on Galileo



I want to see statistics for each protocol (TCP/UDP) on my Galileo Board. I try use netstat -s command ( UNIX / Linux: 10 Netstat Command Examples).

But i receive error netstat:invalid option -- 's'. It is because BusyBox's netstat version doesn't contain the -s option.

1. Is it possible to install "normal" netstat?

I try to install nettools (which includes netstat) using opkg install, but package manager can't find it.

I also try to compile and install net-tools source from here - net-tools download | , but i receive error during installation.

Maybee i can download package from here: RPM resource net-tools

2. Is it possible to see statistic without using netstat? (i need information, which command netstat -s returns)

(Example of netstat -s output:


71208 datagrams received

0 with incomplete header

0 with bad data length field

0 with bad checksum

0 with no checksum

832 dropped due to no socket

16 broadcast/multicast datagrams dropped due to no socket

1971 dropped due to full socket buffers

0 not for hashed pcb

68389 delivered

137685 datagrams output


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