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Installing Ubuntu Core/Desktop


I've been trying to install Ubuntu Core via the Intel Joule Setup application and also Ubuntu Desktop by following the instruction from

In both cases I create a bootable micro SD card and choose to boot from the SD card in BIOS:

"Boot Manager" -> "EFI uSD Device"

The boot fails with the message:


"Boot Failed. EFI uSD Device

Press any key to continue..."

If I enter EFI Internal Shell and try to execute bootx64.efi I get:

"error: no suitable video mode found.

error: no suitable video mode found.

Booting in blind mode"

In another thread I'm trying to find out why my HDMI output is not working. I suspect this problem might be related.



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Are you capable of getting Ubuntu Desktop running on the Joule?

If not:

I have had the best success using Ubuntu desktop on a USB Thumb drive, and using the micro SD card with the latest Tuchuck Ubuntu Core image.

Update to the latest BIOS for the Intel Joule: as of this e-mail (GTPP161A.X64.0143.B30.1611152208)

Recommend Bus powered USB Hub.

I have burned/flashed a number of boards (a number of times). The BIOS and the USB Thumb Drive are not always seen/selectable in the "Boot Ordering" selection page - BIOS BUG with USB enumeration(?).

Typically I have to unplug and re-plug the USB Thumb Drive device when in the BIOS, and verify that that the "USB Thumb Drive" device is displayed in the "Boot Management" selection, and when displayed, I select "restart" in the BIOS. Proceed back into the BIOS, and select USB Thumb Drive in "The Boot Order", followed by selecting "commit and save", and conclude with selecting "restart".

Ubuntu desktop then boots.

After Ubuntu successfully boots, connect wireless WIFI (if required), insert the sdCard with Tuchuck Ubuntu Core image, and perform the "xzcat" as specified in: Intel Joule | Developer


Hi floydg,

Thanks for your help.

I managed to find out that it was actually the HDMI joint I was using that didn't work properly.

I still had to execute bootx64.efi via the EFI Internal Shell though before I could install Ubuntu on the eMMC.