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Intel 101 - Getting Started with Built in -128 Hardware Neural Networking with MNist

Hi All,

I have added a project on hackster to teach you how to use the free built in 128 hardware neural network inside your Intel 101 ! The project is a C Arduino sketch,it allows you to train the net, classify images with it, save and load the net. All operations are performed via a menu system running across the serial manger in the free Arduino IDE. The Intel Arduino 101 Hardware Neural Network with MNIST -

You can add an Arduino Uno data logger with an SD card. This allows you to provide test and training data for the NN, aswell as persist the trained network.

Have fun, and remember it is only to get you started. The menu gives you access to the entire Intel/General Vision SDK (and therefore all the public SDK functions to the NN).

Marcus O'Brien

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