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Intel Compute Stick STK1AW32SC - No Display

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Hi! I've initially bought 3 of these Compute Sticks last May. The other 2 Compute Sticks are working fine. I've just setup the Windows on 3rd one. Few hours after finishing the Windows setup, the Compute Stick switched off and can't boot up / show display again. Apparently, there is no display output as 'HDMI no signal' is shown on my monitor screen even if the front blue LED is lit up. Tried to troubleshoot it by using other working monitors, changing power sockets, even using the power adapter of the other working Compute Sticks but it still failed to show any display.

I'm thinking of returning the item for replacement but the Intel Online Service Request is not working.

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Community Manager

Hello, rjsa:

I apologize for any inconvenience.

Please try contacting our phone support in order to check the replacement options for your Intel® Compute Stick, see here for the contact information Contact Support, choose the world icon at the top of this page see support options in other locations.