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Intel Compute Stick model STCK1A32WFC win10 installed . 2 issues : 1st Graphic ,2nd WI-FI


I have Intel Compute Stick model STCK1A32WFC win10 installed, from the begining i had and still have a few issues. 1st : WI-FI connectivity: it finds the WI-FI and connects , but the speed is a few KB. 2nd issue is graphics - when i'm inserting It into HD port in my LG TV there is a resolution problem- i can't see full screen . i see a full screen cutted in the corners

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Hello Alex.Sm,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

Did this happen once you upgraded to Windows 10 or did you run the update for the Windows® 10 Threshold 2, we have seeing some issues as you can see at the following link: Re-Enable Wireless After Updating to Windows® 10 Threshold 2

Please see Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide for Intel® Compute Stick...

Do you see full screen cutted in the corners when you're in the desktop or when you are watching videos or movies?

What are you using to watch movies, videos etc?

Try reinstalling the graphics driver you can download it at the following link: Drivers & Software

I used K-Lite Codec and I did not have any problems as you can see on the picture below.

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