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Intel Compute Stick


Hi there

I wanted to see or find out if the Intel compute stick can do what i need .

I want to run a screen and have windows 7 running on it or other windows, with a program o it called mission planner, i need it to be connected to a keyboard and mouse. and i need it to be able to have a usb dongle plugged in to get telemetry data and i need to be able to plug in a SD card to copy data onto the stick for temp storage until i get home .. can this be done with this unit with out having to unplug one thing to use the other ? Also to have the ability to connect to my cell phone out the the field to get internet would be great.

Cheers Reuben

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Hello Ziwi ,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

The Intel® Compute Stick comes with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS* (64-bit), Windows 8.1* with Bing* (32-bit) upgradable to Windows 10 or you can purchase the unit with Windows 10 pre-installed Windows 7 is not available for the Intel® Compute Stick.

Honestly, this is a configuration that we have not tested so we cannot guarantee the functionality of it, for the mission planner I would recommend contacting the developers for the software to find out what would be the minimum requirements to see if the Intel® Compute Stick will be able to support the software without a problem. For everything else I suggest to wait if somebody else who has tried this configuration to POST here with any advice.


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You can do all that, you can have a hardware keyboard and mouse connected via USB. But you'll need a USB hub. But I run mine with the microsoft foldable keyboard and arc mouse, each of these are bluetooth. The biggest issue you'll have is the USB dongle and SD transfer. You only have one USB port on the ICS, so you'll need a dongle to use two USB devices at once. Also will be an issue with the power requirements for the telemetry dongle.

You can store on a MicroSD card internally, so can use the single USB for the dongle. Yes it will easily connect to your phones hotspot, I also do this for mobile travel.

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Yes that is correct, the Compute Stick has one full size USB 2.0 port with maximum current of 500 mA. The USB port is high-speed, full-speed, and low-speed capable.

In this case may be an active hub that it will be connected to the power can help you.

You can read more detailed information about the ICS at: