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Intel Compute Stuck


I bought an Intel Compute Stick STCK1A32WFCR and upgraded to Win 10 by mounting the ISO image from Microsoft. Well, It almost upgraded, but it freezed at reboot/startup with the text (pic 1, attached pdf, swedish) "One moment please...". I have waited for days but nothing happens from there. So I turn the device off and press F8 on startup. I then end up on a recovery screen with error 0x0c0000225 (pic 2). When I press enter form there, the image flicks (pic 3), and returns to the same blue screen (pic 2). What to do? I'm stuck.

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Hi robin12345,

Try to update the BIOS version of the Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC using the link below. The latest version is 0031 and it is necessary to use a USB hub. Download BIOS Update [FCBYT10H.86A]

Then, try the recovery process with F8.

If you are able to recover the stick to Windows® 8.1; follow Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions

If problem continues, get in touch with Contact Support team and request the replacement of the stick.



Mike C