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Intel® Curie End-of-Life Scheduled


Intel has announced the end-of-life timeline for the Intel® Curie™ module, and will discontinue manufacturing Arduino 101* development boards, powered by the Intel Curie module. Intel is actively working with alternative manufacturers to continue to make the Arduino 101* development board available to the market. To help customers manage through the Arduino 101* discontinuance, Intel will support last time orders of Arduino 101* products through September 17, 2017 and will fulfill those orders through December 17, 2017. Software support for Arduino 101* and other Intel Curie-based development boards will continue to be provided through the Arduino IDE available for download from There are no further software releases of the Intel® Curie™ Open Developer Kit ( ODK) planned. The current level of /community/tech/intel-curie community forum-based support for Intel Curie products will continue to be available from Intel through September 15, 2017. After September 15, 2017, Intel will make its online resources available for review only and maintain availability to the Intel Curie community until June 15, 2020. Files licensed under open source licenses will continue to be generally available in binary and source code on GitHub.

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Do you know if/when Intel will offer a new module to take over the Curie ?


Does this mean the Micro controller SE Quark C1000 will also be discontinued ?




I'm in a mix of sensations: shocked, upset, stunned.. we were working for a year with development a new product using intel curie, now all this work goes to trash.

Since the beggining for being honest, intel curie had lots of problems: lack of documentation mainly, problems with software applications, specially when you working with neuron part. Intel curie wasn't completely of preference by developers due to this difficulties. Everybody expects to have a full datasheet when you release a chip, no months later.

For us was difficult to manufacture our own boards due pitch and pinout distribution. Now everything was simply a big fail, the money, the work of a year... very dissapointed.

Ok time to revaluate and reinvent with other company... and start again.

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I actually found the board very easy to use, and wrote a complete MNIST OCR NN for it here The Intel Arduino 101 Hardware Neural Network with MNIST - Arduino Project Hub