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Intel Edison Libraries for CadSoft EAGLE PCB


Hello Intel & Edison Enthusiasts,

Intel has done an outstanding job making schematics and software available to makers ( Intel® Edison Boards Hardware Support)

I realize that there are many PCB design programs on the market and Cadence Soft's Allegro ( Cadence Allegro PCB Designer ) is probably the number one choice for Intel and many other global leaders. However, makers generally don't have budget for Allegro. Many use Eagle Cadsoft's EAGLE PCB ( CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software|Support, Shop, Tutorials), especially the free version. Many manufactureres electronics suppliers also provide free libraries for EAGLE.

The board file provided by Intel was (unsurprisingly) desiged in Allegro: and thus cannot be opened in EAGLE.

Is there any chance that the Intel engineers could port the file into a EAGLE compatible version?

Many thanks on behalf on the many EAGLE users out there...


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Hello WX3080,

I'll pass your request to the team in charge of the schematics. On the other hand, if you need the footprint of the Edison module, SparkFun has a template in Eagle that you might find useful: Enginursday: A Template for Edison Blocks - News - SparkFun Electronics. Other option would be to make your own Edison library in Eagle; I know many makers do that when they don't have the components they need.