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Intel Edison analog input problem

Hi to all. I have a problem with my Intel Edison Analog pins. When i try a simply example Arduino sketch like AnalogReadSerial in Serial Monitor the value is about 132 if any sensor is not connection.

It was one time that analog pins value was right and after day of using the Intel Edison analog pin was wrong. Any pin have value that is not write. There are no difference from reading value on Serial Monitor or over WiFi.

Can someone help me please?

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Hello Matejic,

What image are you using? Did you make sure to use the latest one as well as the latest Arduino IDE?

What do you mean by "...There are no difference from reading value on Serial Monitor or over WiFi…"? How do you read data from WiFi?

Could you explain to me the steps you've taken so far, I'd like to see if I can replicate this behavior.



Hi Peter, thanks for reply.

I have Intel Edison Arduino Breaking Board.

Now I use edison-iotdk-image-280915 and Arduino 1.6.5 IDE.

When I was use edison-image-ww25.5-15 just in about one day the sketch AnalogReadSerial was work OK and in other day work with error.

I use Windows 7 64-bit.

I was use a sketch for Blynk app for Android and it show me some value and not 0 because the any sensor is not connected on board.

Here is a pic of Serial Monitor without any sensor and he show me value.



Can anyone tell me the latest image file for Intel Edison and llink where to download them?


Sure, you can find the latest image can be found on IoT - Intel® Edison Board Download | Intel® Developer Zone, and a guide on how to flash the board can be found in .

Now regarding your original question, such values on an analogue input that is connected to air, are most likely noise. Have you tried grounding the input, do the strange values persist?



Thanks for reply. I have the problem with one pin that not connected and he show me that value.

But I want to ask you something.

I was connect Intel Edison over WiFi. When I want to use IotKitActuationExample.ino sketch he work just over USB just 1st time when i upload sketch and not over WiFi. When I write in browser I see the Edison device over WiFi and when i connect USB he see over USB. When I ping some site from Edison that also work.


I was set protocol to MQTT connection.

root@matejic_id:~# iotkit-admin test

2015-10-23T13:18:51.174Z - info: Trying to connect to host ...

2015-10-23T13:18:51.204Z - info: Starting Health testing

2015-10-23T13:18:51.211Z - info: Trying with Secure Connection

2015-10-23T13:18:51.267Z - info: Waiting for MQTTConnector to connect # 1

2015-10-23T13:18:52.688Z - info: MQTTConnector: Connection successful to

2015-10-23T13:18:53.166Z - info: STATUS: device/matejic_id/health kind=healthcheck, isHealthy=true, currentSetting=PROD, name=iotkit-gateway, build=0.14.5, date =2015-07-30T11:17:01.395Z, items=[connected=true]

2015-10-23T13:18:53.173Z - info: Fired STATUS: %sdevice/matejic_id/health{"kind":"healthcheck","isHealthy":true,"currentSetting":"PROD","name":"iotkit-gateway", "build":"0.14.5","date":"2015-07-30T11:17:01.395Z","items":[{"broker":{"connected":true}}]}

2015-10-23T13:18:53.179Z - info: Connected to

2015-10-23T13:18:53.181Z - info: Environment: PROD

2015-10-23T13:18:53.182Z - info: Build: 0.14.5

2015-10-23T13:19:52.655Z - error: Connection to MQTT broker is closed. Retrying...

2015-10-23T13:19:55.841Z - info: Connection to MQTT broker established.

2015-10-23T13:20:55.312Z - error: Connection to MQTT broker is closed. Retrying...

2015-10-23T13:20:57.565Z - info: Connection to MQTT broker established.

I used the steps that Brian B. set on this link IoT dashboard Control/Actuator working code or tutorial? but that not work.

root@matejic_id:~# iotkit-agent test

2015-10-23T13:25:48.322Z - info: Device has already been activated. Updating ...

2015-10-23T13:25:48.360Z - info: Updating metadata...

2015-10-23T13:25:48.368Z - info: Trying with Secure Connection

2015-10-23T13:25:48.422Z - info: Waiting for MQTTConnector to connect # 1

2015-10-23T13:25:48.426Z - info: Metadata updated.

2015-10-23T13:25:49.667Z - info: MQTTConnector: Connection successful to

2015-10-23T13:25:50.133Z - info: Starting listeners...

2015-10-23T13:25:50.160Z - info: TCP listener started on port: 7070

2015-10-23T13:25:50.172Z - info: UDP listener started on port: 41234

2015-10-23T13:25:50.180Z - error: UncaughtException: listen EADDRINUSE

2015-10-23T13:25:50.195Z - error: Error: listen EADDRINUSE

at errnoException (net.js:905:11)

at Server._listen2 (net.js:1043:14)

at listen (net.js:1065:10)

at net.js:1147:9

at dns.js:72:18

at process._tickCallback (node.js:448:13)

When i again upload the sketch and connect over USB he work till I disconnect them from USB.

Can someone help me please?


Hi Matejic,

I also see this error and I'm also new on this thing ... but I suspect that is something related to the communication that Edison try to establish through the Wireless channel to IoT Dashboard, so if you're accessing your Edison via SSH the iotkit-agent will return the error EADDRINUSE, maybe an OS/hardware/wifi driver limitation, I don't know.

Based on exception message and the source of exception (net.js), I would say that is about the ethernet based communication issue (?) that is not able to trigger a data send to IoT Dashboard and at the same time keep the SSH session opened.



Hi, Fabricio

thank you for reply me answer that I am not only one who has this problem with Intel Edison.

If you find a solution to this problem, please let me know how you solve that