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Intel Edison install opencv-dev error

Community Manager

Add the following lines to base-feeds.conf

src/gz all

src/gz edison

src/gz core2-32

root@edison:~# opkg update

root@edison:~# opkg install opencv-dev

Collected errors:

* check_data_file_clashes: Package glibc-gconv wants to install file /usr/lib/gconv/gconv-modules

But that file is already provided by package * eglibc-gconv

* opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package opencv-dev.

I use edison-image-ww18-15 。。

How do you solve the problem?

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Community Manager

Hello bbqws60,



Thanks for reaching out!



May I ask why you are using the image ww18-05?



Using the latest image (201606081705) I simply used the command opkg install opencv-dev and after installing its dependencies (which are a lot), it installs the package correctly without any issue.



If there is no major reason why you need to use the image ww18-15, I suggest you to install the latest (which you can download from image and try again.



If you must use the image ww18-15, please let me know and I'll install it on my Edison to see if I can replicate the issue and if so, try to see how to resolve it.



I hope this information helps you,


Pedro M.
Community Manager

Hello bbqws60,



Do you have any updates about this?



Pedro M.