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Intel Edison with Arduino Board

I have an Intel Edison Module on an Arduino expansion board. I am trying to Load Android Things on it. Am using a Windows 7 Professional Laptop as host. I cannot get the Intel Edsion Setup to work, Cannot get the PlatformFlashToolLite to work. In short I am stuck. Has one tried this and been successful? I have attached an error log of screen shots and a puTTY log.


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Hi Radsri,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Edison Platform.



We would like to let you know that Android Things is out of our support scope, however, we have been investigating in order to help you and we found this thread: /message/440835 Problem in flashing Android Things, there some users have been able to install Android Things on the Edison using a host machine with Ubuntu 16.04 and following these instructions: Installing Android Things* on an Intel Edison Module, since they were reporting issues with the Windows version of Intel Platform Flash Tool Lite. Additionally, later in the thread, someone has posted the link for a newer version of the Platform Flash Tool Lite, take a look at: Intel® Platform Flash Tool Lite, you could try using the latest one.



Hope you find this information useful.





-Yermi A.