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Intel Galileo board has hanged after 53 power cycles with edk2 BIOS


Hello Team,

For each power cycle Quark BIOS is consuming 872 bytes of runtime variable space from Variable store on FLASH and

it is not releasing unused variable space memory.

After 53 power cycles the remaining run time variable space(0x28 Bytes) is below the threshold value (0x400 bytes) and BIOS is trying to reclaim the unused variable space from the below file.

edk2/MdeModulePkg/Universal/Variable/RuntimeDxe/Variable.c +3627




Reclaim() //Line 3627


But failed with below error:

"F2 key to enter Boot Manager Menu.

ENTER to boot directly.

WARNING: Capsule Test Key is used.

[Bds]OsIndication: 0000000000000000

[Bds]=============Begin Load Options Dumping ...=============

Driver Options:

SysPrep Options:

Boot Options:

Boot0002: UEFI Misc Device 0x0001

Boot0000: UiApp 0x0109

Boot0001: UEFI Shell 0x0001

PlatformRecovery Options:

PlatformRecovery0000: Default PlatformRecovery 0x0001

[Bds]=============End Load Options Dumping=============

[Bds]BdsWait ...Zzzzzzzzzzzz...


5 seconds remained...[Bds]BdsWait(4)..Zzzz...

4 seconds remained...[Bds]BdsWait(3)..Zzzz...

3 seconds remained...[Bds]BdsWait(2)..Zzzz...

2 seconds remained...[Bds]BdsWait(1)..Zzzz...

1 seconds remained...[Bds]Exit the waiting!

Ftw: Remaining work space size - 1FE0

Ftw: Remaining work space size - 1FE0

ASSERT_EFI_ERROR (Status = Aborted)

ASSERT [VariableSmm] c:\varalaxmi\bkp\edk2_original\MdeModulePkg\Universal\Variable\RuntimeDxe\Variable.c(3637): !EFI_ERROR (Status)

I debugged this Issue:

As part of reclaim operation BIOS is erasing the variable space on flash and trying to write again without unused variables to flash but SPI protection is enabled and SPI write failed.

My current Fix for the above problem:

I disabled the SPI protection in the below file:

QuarkPlatformPkg/Library/PlatformHelperLib/PlatformHelperLib.c +81




RegVal |= B_QNC_RCRB_SPIPBRn_WPE; //Disabled this line;


Is this the correct solution for the above issue?

Anybody observed this issue?



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Community Manager

Hi varalaxmi,



Thank you for your contacting us. The best place for you to get assistance in cases where the issue is related to the Quark X1000 is here: . Please open a new service ticket here so that the experts can help you with your request



We appreciate your understanding.





-Sergio A