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Intel Joule discontinued

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After this annoucement the Intel Joule Module has been discontinued:

I may ask Intel as a coporation how they think this is a good way of telling people that all their efforts they put into this product are lost. We are a young electronics design house and we do have a customer project with the Intel Joule module which is in the prototyping phase now. Thousands of Euros basically lost. For our reputation this is a big drawback and I simply have no words for it.

We were in close contact to Intels staff about this and we signed an NDA. How the hell could they have not told us that the product will not even live for a year? All our questions about availability and future plans were never answered and now this.

I am deeply disapointed.

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Dear Intel product management,

I got a call from Intel today, where I was informed about the Intel Joule situation. I was really shocked. We have the same history as Friedrich. First you pushed us to use Intel Joule, then we started to get the design up, had to deal with unfinished drivers, lack of documentation (e.g. think about the video CSI-2 interfaces) and now you tell us, you are sorry.

I am sorry! Normally I'm not burning bridges. But I will tell all of my customer, that Intel Embedded is not a reliable business unit anymore. We would have been better worked with a Chinese ARM consumer processor on our Industry projects.

Intel Joule was really a great piece of Electronics, but you have to show some seriousness and continuity to open up a new stage in business. It's not just a matter of quarter financial reports. And to be honest, I don't know, if I should believe in your statements regarding long term availability of Apollo Lake.

Thanks to god, that we had a plan B scenario with nVidia Jetson TX1/TX2.

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