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Intel Multimedia projects


Hi Experts

I plan to do some Multimedia projects. Please can you help me share the experience of different ideas you have attempted.

Does this Intel Edison support multimedia ? Audio video synchronization ? Camera stitching software etc.

Based on your kind help, I will procure the necessary module to interface with my mini breakout board.

Appreciating your help.

Thanks in Advance


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Community Manager

Hi Protocoder,



Thank you for contacting us.



There have been a lot of projects using the Edison, some of them are in this community and some aren't, these are some basic projects using the Edison:



You can also use OpenCV on it:, but the Edison doesn't have a multimedia processor or screen that could allow you to show the image on it, so some functions are not available. This is a good guide:



About the audio, it is possible but you will need extra hardware to make this possible, as a recommendation use this audio guide as a reference:



I hope you find this information helpful.



Have a nice day.





Leonardo R.