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Intel aero help for development

    I've bought the intel aerial computer board, I'd like to have some
    clarification about the flight control. Can you please share with me the
    flight controller diagrams in which there is the micro smt32mci with the
    following pinout of the intel aero computer board, where it should be
    connected and the related reservated connectors (how you can see in
    Can you send me the esc technical specifications in order to buy
    something that might be fine, or can you please share with me the wiring
    I'm trying to copy your project, since it's out of production, and I
    hope you don't mind sharing informations. Nowadays the is nothing
    similar on the market, but if you can help me with diagrams or technical
    specification as accurate as possible, I'd really appreciate it.
    Thank you for your help.
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