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Intel edison 3g module 7/24 long time working


Hi all,

I am following the instructions in :

I am using Wifi and 3G at the same time.

Now the 3G module can work properly. However, the 3G cannot work for 7/24 in long time. I am sending the data to the Cloud every minutes with several bytes.

The 3G module just can be continually work for one day or two day. I am sure my place having a very good 3g signal.

I also try to use Systemd. If it failure, it will re-connect after 10s. But it doesn't work and cannot work for 7/24 in long time.

Anyone can provide some suggestions to make the 3G module work 7/24 in long time?



Thank you very much.


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Hi Dapeng,

Thanks for your interest in the Intel Edison Platform.

I'm sorry to hear that your 3G module doesn't work for 7/24. I have a couple of suggestions that you might find interesting:

The first one is to use Connman , you should know that Connman allows simultaneous Ethernet and WiFi connection. This suggestion may or may not work, since you have a 3G module, so there is two WiFi networks. Still, I would recommend to give it a shot, maybe you will be able to have both networks running simultaneously.

The second suggestion, requires a little bit of work, but if your program it right, I think that it would solve your issue. I believe that if you create a script that starts to work whenever your 3G module fails, this would achieve what you are trying to do. Now, the question is how to accomplish this? I found this thread , where Peter checks if a process is running, but if it isn't then it summons a new process. In your case the process that the script would be checking is the 3G module, if this process isn't runnnig then it would summon the WiFi process. Please see the block diagram below, in order to understand better what I'm trying to explain:

I hope this helps, please let me know your results.

Have a great day!

Best Regards,


-Jose P.
Community Manager

Hi Dapeng,



Were you able to use your 3G module for 7/24? Please let me know in order to assist you.



I will be waiting for your reply, have a great day!



Best Regards,


-Jose P.