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Intel joule output display fails when connect it micro HDMI cable to the monitor

Hello everyone i am new with intel joule 570x developer kit. There is a problem of output display when connecting it with monitor, it was working fine yesterday but now their no output display. I have change the cable as well but it didn't work. Then i think may be its BIOS problem but after updating to the new BIOS version, it's still not working.

Now the current state of my intel joule is that when i connect the power supply it power led is on, but the GPIO leds blinks one or two time and then off, and also one white led is turn on which is on the intel joule module.

As i am novice with intel joule so i am not able to recognize what is the problem, please if anybody know what's the issue, is it hardware or software problem, help would be much appreciated.


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