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Joule USB-C not detected on Windows 10

I am having a problem in getting Joule's USB-C (DNX) being detected on Windows 10 PC. Can Someone provide further debug instructions?

[Please scroll down as I managed to solve this issue myself]

Motherboard Intel DZ77GA - 70K

Windows 10 Professional Edition Version 1607 Build 14393.576 with latest updates.

Installed FTDI latest WHQL certified driver CDM v2.12.24

Installed FlashUsbDriver-1.0.0 from Joule_BIOS_2016-11-15-161-Public

Followed the procedure listed at IoT - Flashing the BIOS | Intel® Software

The Three highlighted drivers from above document were not present in my system.

Intel Flash USB Driver 1.0.0 shows installed.

The first attempt made to connect to Joule resulted in my Microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard getting disconnected and I had to reboot.

Upon connecting the HDMI I was able to see the terminal so I hooked up a USB keyboard to Joule USB-A and tried debug.

Since my monitor was now being used by Joule, I was unable to browse using my host PC so I switched to Joule USB-B and Putty.

Connecting the Joule USB-B resulted in a Serial Converter being detected on Windows 10 and I was able to connect via Putty.

Seems like Ostro is booting up properly

root@intel-corei7-64:/home# cat /etc/*-release


NAME="Ostro OS XT"



PRETTY_NAME="Ostro OS XT 1.0+snapshot-20160813"


The WiFi interface is up as well although not connected at this stage.

root@intel-corei7-64:/home# connmanctl technologies


Name = P2P

Type = p2p

Powered = False

Connected = False

Tethering = False


Name = WiFi

Type = wifi

Powered = True

Connected = False

Tethering = False


Name = Bluetooth

Type = bluetooth

Powered = False

Connected = False

Tethering = False

I attempted the process several times with no success.

Finally I performed a shutdown using the cli and when the system was powered down, I held down the DNX button and then the Power Button.

As the board booted up, Windows popped up a message about an unrecognized USB Device.

The Device Manager now shows:

Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Clicking on Properties ...

The Device Status Tab shows:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

The Events Tab for this device shows the following sequence of events:

1. Device Not Migrated

Location Path:

Migration Rank: 0xF000FFFFFFFFF100

Present: false

Status: 0xC0000719

2. Device Configured USB.inf

Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0002\6&109f8c0a&0&1 was configured.

Driver Name: usb.inf

Class Guid: {36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000}

Driver Date: 06/21/2006

Driver Version: 10.0.14393.0

Driver Provider: Microsoft

Driver Section: BADDEVICE.Dev.NT

Driver Rank: 0xFF0000


Outranked Drivers: usb.inf:USB\DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR_FAILURE:00FF2000

Device Updated: false

Parent Device: USB\VID_8087&PID_0024\5&299d6dce&0&1

3. Device Not Started

Device USB\VID_0000&PID_0002\6&109f8c0a&0&1 had a problem starting.

Driver Name: usb.inf

Class Guid: {36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000}


Lower Filters:

Upper Filters:

Problem: 0x2B

Problem Status: 0x0

Message was edited by VRAORESEARCH to add driver debug info

Finally got it to work:

Here are my steps:

1. Connect 12V DC to barrel jack

2. Connect USB-B cable to host PC and connect using Putty

3. Connect USB-C cable to host PC

4. Open Device Manager and uninstall any failed devices by Right-Click and Uninstall. [You may need to use Show Hidden Devices in order to do this]

5. Hold down the Power Button to boot up the Joule if it hasn't booted up already.

The Joule will boot into Ostro. On the CLI run the following command:

root@intel-corei7-64:~# shutdown now

The system will begin to shutdown immediately and stop with the following prompt on screen:

[ 36.842537] ACPI: Preparing to enter system sleep state S5

[ 36.849142] reboot: Power down

6. Switch to the Device Manager Window on the Windows 10 host.

7. Now press the DNX Button and while holding it down, press the power button and hold down both buttons until you see the Device Manager update.

8. Check to see if you can see the Entry as follows: [It should be bold and not greyed out]

Universal Serial Bus devices

Intel DnX Device

You may need to repeat this a few times until you get it working.

9. Run the Flash script

$ ./Flash.bat Joule_C0-X64-Release-161-Public_DNX.bin


Intel(R) Joule Flash.bat version # 1.1.6


- Provisioning the eMMC...

- WARNING: Provisioning failed!

Probably already provisioned.

- Checking for RPMB...

- Downloading the BIOS...

- Clearing NvStorage...


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Hi vraoresearch,



Thanks for your interest in the Intel Joule Platform.



I'm glad to hear that you fix your issue by your own! Also thanks for sharing your results in such a detailed manner, we appreciate it since it might benefit other users.



If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.



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