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LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface Infrared - Edison Tutorial




Infrared JPEG Color Camera Serial UART TTL Level - Edison Library

  • Now you activate and deactivate the Power Saving Mode
  • Now you can Change the BAUD of the camara; it does not increase the performance significantly, but it is available and may be useful
  • Now you can Connect your Camera directly to the Edison mini-breakout board without the need of the Arduino Board!
  • Now you can Change the compression Ratio
    • I tried to change the ratio in the range specified by the manufacturer but the camera refuses to do so; anyways the option to change it is there altough the camera will just ignore it.
  • Check out the RUN_EXAMPLE.txt so you can take a look at what you should be seeing when you run the main.c sample code
  • Now you can get the 3 available resolutions 640x480, 320x240 and 160x120
  • Now you can export the content to a buffer or directly to a jpeg file
  • You can print your buffer to a jpeg file
  • I will soon explain the Returns of the functions; in simple words, if you get a 0 return, everything's fine. I will add this information soon. index Back to Top

Coming NextThere will be some extra modifications and documentation
  • MCU Library index Back to Top

Resources index Back to Top

Arduino Board Setup

In order to make this code work with your Arduino Breakout Board, you will need to consider several steps:

  • Even though you will use your Arduino Board, you will program it using the Linux Terminal
    • The easy way to activate the Serial Port to communicate with the camera is running this Arduino Sketch:

void setup() { Serial1.begin(38400);</...

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