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Lots of issues building examples using d2000 with Eclipse!

After wasting hours debugging and resolving installation issues with Intel's development environment on Windows 64 and Java RTE, I managed to get the environment enabled and working and was able to refresh the ROM on my d2000 development board using USB! What would have taken me ten minutes using Atmel Studio and Atmel's development boards took me several hours with Intel Studio - well that is negative productivity... I am somewhat experienced in Atmel Studio, Visual Studio and Arduino IDE's and I have to declare that this installation has been 100 TIMES worse than anything else I can remember. I think Intel should be ashamed of the solution and the advertising, it just does not live up to the hype! in my opinion, the software was definitely "chucked over the wall!".

Now, I have yet more issues building the example code and my patience is almost running out...

Using the simplest hello world example, I get two errors (see below).

Please can anyone suggest a resolution, I have no idea why?

Thank you.


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Hi Paul,

I'm sorry to hear you have being having such a negative experience with the D2000.

Can you send the output of the 'Console' tab. The error may be related to your Java Env (see this thread ) .

The other possibility is that there is a conflict with the 'make' being used - Do you have Cygwin or MinGW or similar UNIX-like environments in your System PATH environment?

I completely understand your frustration and we have been working on the User Experience for the D2000 Developer Kit -- An updated Version of ISSM incorporating these changes is imminent ( You can see a preview of the 'Getting Started' process here - IoT - D2000 Get Started | Intel® Software )