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MIPI,CSI Interface, how?


Hey guys, I have an urgent question in regards to the MIPI/CSI interface. We're currently building our own expansion board for a UAV based on the Intel Joule, however we're hitting a weird roadblock here.

Intel is marketing the Joule as a IoT & Robotics solution, MIPI and CSI camera support is touted, but it is only mentioned once in the documentation. Am I missing something here? I'm quite confused as to why Intel have released these devices when there isn't quite much clarity on one of the most important aspects of it which is camera input. The only reference I see to it in the documentation is around JCAM1/2 and for CSI in reference to power.

We're looking to support at least 3 cameras.

- Which connector is used for JCAM1/2?

- What is the pinout of those connectors?

- Can you maybe tell a little bit about the CSI interface in general?

- Is there really a CSI interface? How much lanes are available?

- How many cameras can be connected.

- How much MPixel/s or resolution/framerate can it handle on the input and ISP side?

I've yet to see any information around this, and all of the other forum topics? Intel employees have merely responded with robotic type generic answers saying that they will get back to the question, but never did months later...

Have we really missed something here or has Intel simply refused to answer anything around this? Its extremely bizarre a product would be released as a robotics solution however there is barely any information on this at all.

I'd really appreciate a response :-)


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Community Manager

Hi R.N,



We appreciate your interest in the Intel® Joule Platform.



Currently, documentation regarding the MIPI/CSI interface is not available yet, however, we would like to investigate in order to try to find some information that you can find helpful, we'll update you as soon as possible.



We'll appreciate your patience during the meantime.









It seems as if there have been no updates since December 23rd on this. How soon do you reckon we can get some information on this as we'd like to start as soon as possible due to the time sensitive nature of our project.

These questions have also been posted here since September and have gone unanswered. It seems as if the same type of response was posted on the prior threads and never replied to :-(

Community Manager

Hi R.N,



Thank you for your patience. We would like to update this case with the following information:



Intel is currently finishing up a MIPI CSI enabling package for the module. At this time, we are unable to state the exact scope of the package; what we can share are some specifications to assist project definition.



The Intel® Joule™ compute module has two MIPI CSI connectors referred to as JCAM1 and JCAM2. Each will accept a single 2x20 printed flexible circuit attached to one camera module (13MP and 5MP resolutions respectively), that in turn routes the imaging data to the ISP within the SOC.



These third-party camera solutions will be sold by distributors, while a future software update will add MIPI CSI driver support to Linux* based operating systems for the Intel Joule compute module.



Understand that frame rates, features and use cases are still being validated. Relevant information will be shared in the second quarter of 2017, when the MIPI CSI enabling package becomes available.





-Yermi A.