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Media Audio Port: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for Media Audio Port - Error

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I am getting this every time I reboot my board. What might be the possible cause? How to fix it? For reference I attached the reboot info. I highlighted some text. Are they normal?


Reboot Log:


Starting kernel ...

[ 0.747389] pca953x 1-0020: failed reading register

[ 0.752632] pca953x 1-0021: failed reading register

[ 0.757726] pca953x 1-0022: failed reading register

[ 0.762813] pca953x 1-0023: failed reading register

[ 1.602531] snd_soc_sst_platform: Enter:sst_soc_probe

[ 2.006292] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Error reading battery profile from battid frmwrk

[ 2.024474] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery Over heat exception

[ 2.024543] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery0 temperature inside boundary

[ 2.024610] pmic_ccsm pmic_ccsm: Battery0 temperature inside boundary

Welcome to Linux!

Expecting device dev-ttyMFD2.device...

Expecting device sys-subsystem-net-devices-wlan0.device...

[ OK ] Reached target Remote File Systems.

Expecting device dev-disk-by\x2dpartlabel-factory.device...

[ OK ] Reached target Paths.

[ OK ] Reached target Swap.

[ OK ] Set up automount boot.automount.

[ OK ] Created slice Root Slice.

[ OK ] Created slice User and Session Slice.

[ OK ] Listening on Delayed Shutdown Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on /dev/initctl Compatibility Named Pipe.

[ OK ] Listening on udev Control Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on udev Kernel Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on Journal Socket.

[ OK ] Created slice System Slice.

Mounting Temporary Directory...

[ OK ] Created slice system-serial\x2dgetty.slice.

[ OK ] Created slice system-getty.slice.

Starting Load Kernel Modules...

Starting Create list of required static device nodes...rrent kernel...

Starting udev Coldplug all Devices...

Mounting Debug File System...

Mounting POSIX Message Queue File System...

Starting Apply Kernel Variables...

Starting Journal Service...

[ OK ] Started Journal Service.

[ OK ] Reached target Slices.

Starting Remount Root and Kernel File Systems...

[ OK ] Set up automount home.automount.

[ OK ] Mounted POSIX Message Queue File System.

[ OK ] Mounted Debug File System.

[ OK ] Mounted Temporary Directory.

[ OK ] Started Create list of required static device nodes ...current kernel.

[ OK ] Started Apply Kernel Variables.

[ OK ] Started Remount Root and Kernel File Systems.

[ OK ] Started udev Coldplug all Devices.

[ OK ] Started Load Kernel Modules.

Mounting Configuration File System...

Mounting FUSE Control File System...

Starting Load/Save Random Seed...

Starting Create Static Device Nodes in /dev...

[ OK ] Mounted FUSE Control File System.

[ OK ] Mounted Configuration File System.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save Random Seed.

[ OK ] Started Create Static Device Nodes in /dev.

Starting udev Kernel Device Manager...

[ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems (Pre).

Mounting /var/volatile...

[ OK ] Mounted /var/volatile.

[ OK ] Started udev Kernel Device Manager.

[ OK ] Reached target Local File Systems.

Starting Trigger Flushing of Journal to Persistent Storage...

Starting Create Volatile Files and Directories...

[ OK ] Started Create Volatile Files and Directories.

[ OK ] Found device /sys/subsystem/net/devices/wlan0.

[ OK ] Started Trigger Flushing of Journal to Persistent Storage.

[ OK ] Found device /dev/ttyMFD2.

[ OK ] Found device /dev/disk/by-partlabel/factory.

Mounting Mount for factory...

[ OK ] Created slice system-systemd\x2drfkill.slice.

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill0...

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill1...

Starting Network Time Synchronization...

Starting Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown...

[ OK ] Mounted Mount for factory.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill0.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill1.

[ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Boot/Shutdown.

[ OK ] Started Network Time Synchronization.

[ OK ] Created slice system-systemd\x2dfsck.slice.

Starting File System Check on /dev/disk/by-partlabel/home...

Starting Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill2...

[ OK ] Reached target Sound Card.

[ OK ] Started Load/Save RF Kill Switch Status of rfkill2.

[ OK ] Reached target System Initialization.

[ OK ] Listening on RPCbind Server Activation Socket.

[ OK ] Listening on D-Bus System Message Bus Socket.

[ OK ] Reached target Timers.

Starting Restore Sound Card State...

[ 7.955122] systemd-fsck[177]: /dev/mmcblk0p10: clean, 132/87120 files, 63916/348155 blocks

[ OK ] Listening on sshd.socket.

[ OK ] Started File System Check on /dev/disk/by-partlabel/home.

Mounting /home...

[ OK ] Reached target Sockets.

[ OK ] Reached target Basic System.

Starting Edison PWR button handler...

[ OK ] Started Edison PWR button handler.

Starting Hostap daemon service...

Starting Telephony service...

Starting Daemon to load edison mcu app binary...

[ OK ] Started Daemon to load edison mcu app binary.

Starting Daemon to handle arduino sketches...

[ OK ] Started Daemon to handle arduino sketches.

Starting Daemon to reset sketches...

[ OK ] Started Daemon to reset sketches.

Application available at (physical) address 0x04819000

VRL mapped to 0xff217000

App size = 11508 bytes

App Authentication feature is disabled!

Resetting IPC

*** Ready to receive application ***

Starting Bluetooth rf kill event daemon...

[ OK ] Started Bluetooth rf kill event daemon.

Starting Start or stop WiFI AP Mode in Edison...

[ OK ] Started Start or stop WiFI AP Mode in Edison.

Starting Login Service...

Starting D-Bus System Message Bus...

[ OK ] Started D-Bus System Message Bus.

[ OK ] Started Telephony service.

Starting Network Service...

Starting Watchdog sample daemon...

[ OK ] Started Watchdog sample daemon.

Starting Crashlog service...

[ OK ] Started Crashlog service.

Starting Edison Arduino board LED Blinker...

[ OK ] Started Edison Arduino board LED Blinker.

Starting Cleanjournal service...

[ OK ] Started Cleanjournal service.

Starting Permit User Sessions...

[ OK ] Mounted /home.

[ OK ] Start...

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Community Manager

Hello arunkumark,

Thank you for interest in the Intel® Edison Breakout Board.

I experienced something similar a while ago, what I did to solve the issue was flash the firmware with the manual process (

Then I changed the standard USB port that I was using to power the breakout board for a higher power USB port (usually marked with a lightning symbol).

The recommended method to power the board is with a wall adapter power adapter, so if the issue persists, please consider doing that.

Please let me know if the issue persists after trying the previous suggestion.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us.



Andres V.