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Multiple TVs, each with individual Compute Stick?


My company wants to set up a control center, with multiple 70" displays on multiple walls - potentially up to 12 TVs. Each display will be showing an image either from a website or from company software. To avoid having to run long lengths of video cable from a PC mounted "somewhere down below", I thought an individual Intel Compute Stick on each TV would be a nice, clean solution.

My concern, however, is "driving" all of these computers. In theory, once the TV is displaying whatever it is meant to display, it would not be touched for long periods of time. But occasionally, we would need to access each computer for various reasons: software updates, reboots, etc. For most things, I am thinking a simple Windows Remote Desktop solution would work fine from a personal workstation on a desk. But if we need to access the computer directly, I am worried that I will need to have a stash of 12 different wireless keyboards, mice, usb-bluetooth adapters, etc. This seems very cumbersome and the likelyhood of losing a piece of equipment or getting which-tv-with-witch-keyboard mixed up will be more frustrating than a whole bunch of cables from just a few PCs "somewhere down below".

Does anyone have any advice for putting together this type of room in the easiest-to-use way?

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A couple of comments...

  1. If you had a wireless keyboard with integrated pad/trackball or you had a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that share a USB dongle, then you could simply move the USB dongle to the particular unit that you need to access locally (during maintenance activities, etc.). I don't see it as being important to have an ability to locally connect to all units simultaneously; most access will be done remotely and, if Windows is the chosen O/S, Windows Remote can be used if you have Professional/Enterprise Windows licenses.
  2. In some remote placements, you don't have control over the power situation and failures can occur. As well, hangs do happen from time to time (alas, even in the best of environments). Consequently, a capability for remotely power cycling the sticks might be appropriate.


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