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My 101 is losing characteristics

After I upload my sketch, I can spent as long as I like with the first application that pairs. As long as I stay with the first Android tablet, my second can scan it. But after I put the first Android to sleep, I lose all advertisements from the 101.

When it's gone from Bluetoo Analyst from FAQware, I give up.

I'm powering the unit with a 9V battery that services all the 5V and 3.3 V devices, including the 101. I can't draw any current from the board and get transmissions ... I don't hear ever the beep, beep, 5 second beep that tells me your board has power.

I bought two boards, so the power to drive sensors is missing from both, but I haven't moved the wiring to the second 101 to reproduce the Smart Bluetooth amnesia.

Anyone with insight, or I'll go back to Uno and adapters: I've popped out GATT before.

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Community Manager

Hi Fredda,



Thank you for contacting us.



However, we recommend you post this question in the Arduino 101 forum ( and provide them all these information. They are in charge of the Arduino 101 support, so they'll be able to provide a more accurate answer.