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My compute stick won't boot


I have 2 compute sticks...the usage model is works and the other doesn't, help! A week ago, there was some system update that didn't happen correctly. It got to a screen that said it was updating, please wait and don't reboot while waiting. After waiting about 6 hours, I decided something was stuck, so I held the power button and rebooted. Since then, i cannot get it to boot correctly. First, I got to a menu that said I needed to press some button to go to a menu, and it looped there for awhile. Then, I got it booted, but stuck such that I couldn't click anything. After several press and hold power button reboots, now I can't even get it to turn on period. I press the power button and nothing. It's like the product is dead. i can't reset to factory settings or anything because I can't even get it to turn on. ideas?

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