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Newbie help: can I use Edison for this project?


Hello everybody, this is my first post and maybe this is not the right section but I will try.

I have an edison board and I have also an Arduino 101 based on Curie.

I have a mission: create a wireless alarm system for my motorhome.

Wireless because I ordered a set of BLE 4.0 sensors, magnetic door & windows sensors, pir, smoke relevator etc.

I know that I have a limit of 7 sensor with BLE, and I know also that I must use BLE Central mode to use my board as "client" for my sensors.

I want also to create a small web server to manage sensor, check battery and status, add and remove sensor, add and remove NFC tag (to activate / deactivate).

And of course I want to add a GSM module to receive notification on my phone.

I don't have experience with Edison, but I'm a ruby / node.js / app developer.

So my questions are:

1) Can I use Edison in BLE Central Mode?

2) Is possibile to setup the system and change settings using a smartphone app wihout an internet connection? I want to use only a direct connection "smartphone -> edison" and I don't know if is possible to create an hotspot with edison.

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Hello robypez,



Thanks for reaching out!



Your project seems very interesting and hopefully we'll hear more about it I the future.



Edison does have a BLE interface and indeed you should be able use it as the central unit of your application's BLE side. However, to interact with Edison's BLE interface you will have to install additional libraries such as a BlueZ version that includes gatttool and PyGATT which is a library that will let you interact with BLE devices using Python. You may also use other libraries that you are more familiar with.



It should be possible to create a direct connection between your Edison and a phone. Edison is able to use its Wi-Fi interface in AP mode, and you create a web interface where you can change certain aspects of your application. Nevertheless, this might prove a challenging task, especially because there is no information on how to do it, so, you will have to create it from the ground up. We will try to help you with any question you have off course.



It is also important to note that Edison does not have NFC or GSM capabilities, so, you will have to use third party devices to achieve your goals. When choosing these devices, I suggest you to verify that they are compatible with Edison's communication interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C, etc.).



I hope this information helps you.



Ok, I think maybe Edison is not the best solution for me!

Maybe another board...

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Hi robypez,



I'm sorry to hear that. Anyway, in case you decide to go back to Edison, please don't hesitate to come back to the community. We'll try to help you with any question you have.