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No "Express BIOS Update" (EB.EXE) file for BIOS update!


Hi all,

There is no "Express BIOS Update" (EB.EXE) file of v0058 for BIOS update of the STK2M364CC.

Please refer here. Anyone can provide this EB.EXE file?

BTW, the EB.EXE file was provided by the v0057, v0056, etc.

Best regards.

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That is correct; no EBU executables are currently being provided. An issue was identified during validation; one that was considered serious enough that the decision was made to not provide EBU executables until it is addressed. BIOS updates that were released prior to this issue being identified continue to have EBU executables available, but all BIOS updates released since this issue was identified do not. At present, there is no established schedule for when this issue will be addressed. Intel will make an announcement once the schedule is known.