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Not able to debug intel galileo gen2 board using OpenOCD and GDB



I am trying to debug application through openOCD and gdb on intel galileo gen2 board.

I am able to set the software break point but, program running on hardware is not stopping at that break point.

And If I set the hardware break point then I am sometimes able to stop the code on hardware but not always. Success rate is once in ~10 trial.

I am using below board and architecture:

Hardware: intel galileo gen2 board

processor: Quark X1000

debugger: ARM-USB-OCD-H

Steps I follow is as below:

Create a simple application in the local machine for ex. counter.c:

# include

# include

int main(void){

int num ;





printf("number = %d\n", num);


return 0;


Compile it with the sdk generated by bitbake using below command:

${CC} -g -O0 counter.c -o counter_app

Copy this binary to board

Run application on board by simply running ./counte_app

Run openOCD by running below command:

openocd -f ./tcl/interface/ftdi/olimex-arm-usb-ocd-h.cfg -f ./tcl/target/quark_x10xx.cfg

Open GDB and connect GDB to openOCD

halt the board and load the symbolic information of application in gdb by below command:

symbol-file /counter_app

After that I have set the break point on line 11 by

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Community Manager

Hi Drashti,



Thank you for your contacting us. The best place for you to get assistance in cases where the issue is related to the Quark X1000 is here: . Please open a new service ticket here so that the experts can help you with your request.



We appreciate your understanding.





-Sergio A