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PPP on Intel edison for GSM/GPRS module

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I would like to install PPP packages and configured ppp in kernel using the link Connection of the GPRS modem to Intel Edison / Geek magazine .I even the increased the partition ,using ,in my meta-edison-distro/recipes-bsp/u-boot/files/edison.env the rootfs is 1536mib and changed the meta-edison-distro/recipes-core/images/ IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE =1572864.

I'm making the changes in the kernel using bitbake virtual/kernel -c menuconfig ,enabled PPP drivers and building using bitbake edison-image and then post build ,after that flashing. But I'm unable to see the updated date in the kernel.It is reflecting in the config.txt but on Edison ,ppp is not configuring.For the command dmesg | grep -i ppp I'm seeing nothing as output .I even installed the ppp packages from Index of /edison/repo/core2-32 .

The other thing is in the path meta-edison-distro/recipes-connectivity/libwebsockets/ ,I didn't find file .

Can you please let me know how to configure PPP and connect to gprs.

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For what it's worth, I had two completed builds to look for libwebsockets and couldn't seem to find it either. ( ww05-15 and iot-devkit-prof-dev-image-edison-20160606-patch ). It must be downloaded/recipe included when you build with PPP enabled? Did you try to start the build, then get the error, then fix it? Or did you just download the snapshot, try to find the file, but couldn't and then built without a problem?

Just to confirm:

- how many different builds did you do? one build resizing the root partition (u-boot image) and then another with the kernel ppp enabled (other images)

- you flashed everything in edison-src/out/linux64/build/toFlash with the flashall script? how many times (depending on answer to above question)

- you have an arduino breakout board?

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Hello Radhika,



I understand that you are experiencing issues with the configuration of the PPP packages.



Unfortunately, custom images and modification of the official kernel are out of the scope of our technical support team.



My recommendation is to contact Valery Mosyagin, the author of the Connection of the GPRS modem to Intel Edison article that you are following (



Also, as community member joe_nasti kindly shared, he has experience completing builds, perhaps you can check his questions and get further assistance from him.



I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.