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Poor Timer Resolution on Linux

Community Manager

I'm trying to run some soft realtime applications on Ubuntu 16.04 (using the low latency kernel) on the Atom x5-z8330 compute stick (STK1AW32SC).

However checking the timer resolution using "cat /proc/timer_list | grep resolution | uniq" reveals it's limited to 1 millisecond (1000000 nanoseconds) while other Intel processors report accuracy of 1 nanosecond.

Is there some way to fix this?

I feel it may be due to the following failure listed in dmesg:

"hpet: number irqs doesn't agree with number of timers" STK1AW32SCHHow

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Community Manager

I do not have reports of similar issues with the Intel® Compute stick STK1AW32SC and Ubuntu 16.04.


You may try to keep on checking this thread for different peers that may help on this matter.


Additionally, try posting this issue through Ubuntu communities and make sure you have loaded the latest Intel® Compute stick BIOS