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Power supply questions for my custom board


I am creating a custom board that will be:

- powered by a Li-ion battery

- have no charging circuitry

- connected to the BME280 via I2C0_SS_SDA, I2C0_SS_SCL

- connected to the BMM150 via 6AXIS_SDA, 6AXIS_SCL, and GPIO/AIN_11

- BLE enabled

- programmed via JTAG

I intend to connect the battery to PV_BATT, VSYS, and BUCK_VSEL in order to use the regulated 3.3V from BUCK_VOUT to supply power to the following:



- VDD and VDDIO of BME280

- VDD and VDDIO of BMM150

- pin 1 of JTAG connector

- pull-up resistor (connected to POR_B, ATP_RST_B)

I intend to leave CMP_3P3_VCC, ADC_3P3_VCC, and COMP_AREF un-powered and floating because I don't need to use the ADC or Comparator for my application.

Do you see any issues with this setup?

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Community Manager

Hello Daniel-T,



Thanks for reaching out!



I took a look at your design and so far I haven't been able to find any possible issue. Nevertheless, I might have missed something, so, I highly suggest you to prototype first before manufacturing a final design. I suggest you to create a board that is bigger than the actual board you'd like to design (but with the same schematic) but with test points so you can make sure every signal is behaving as expected. Also, I would like to say that if you still have doubts about the schematic, you can check the Arduino 101 schematic as a reference. You can find it in, it might be f help.



I hope this information helps you,


Pedro M.