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Quark C1000 software RESTART issue.


Our project use C1000 + LoRa transceiver.


LoRa transceiver will receive data from LoRa Server, we call it Downlink message.


(Lora Server) ---Downlink--> (LoRa transceiver) ---SPI--->(C1000)




Then C1000 will process the received data (Downlink message) at a function named : RxDone().


If issue happen, C1000 always processing at RxDone( ).


The Restart randomly happen at any stage of the RxDone( ).


And we had debug on RxDone() function, but the RESTART occur not the special line, and we saw the received data didn't lost. 




Did Intel have any experiences with C1000 RESTART ?


We want to know what's HW/SW case will made C1000 Restart?










Below is a brief log message :


>> C1000 Start 


2018/12/29 13:52:38.3: Starting: LoRaMac V1.8.7


Starting: GPIO


GPIO: irq requested


>>Receive Data : normal


[Radio state] Rx Done. RTC:(10702487)


[OnRadio-RxDone] Rx Payload(size:17) : [60] [43] [0] [0] [0] [0] [A] [0] [1] [FC] [CA] [5B] [94] [5D] [27] [92] [8]




[Radio-RxDone] 4.Address is :<43>


[Radio-RxDone] Address is :<43>




DIMMING Command Value = 0 


Node 67 is OFF




>>Receive Data : Restart


[Radio state] Rx Done. RTC:(10809636)


[OnRadio-RxDone] Rx Payload(size:17) : [60] [43] [0] [0] [0] [0] [B] [0] [1] [D5] [C0] [49] [80] [1A] [8C] [65] [DA]




[Radio-RxDone] 4.Address is :<43>


[Radio-RxDone] Address is :<43>


Starting: LoRaMac V1.8.7   <------C1000 Restart 


Starting: GPIO



Attached file is the full log message.

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Good Day Angus,


Please tell us if you need further clarifications on this issue.

Have you checked your Hardware for your GPIO that replicate the RESTART issue?

We could see the C1000 restart after the code "[Radio-RxDone] Address is :<43>".


Thanks and Regards,

Shah M,

Intel Customer Support Engineer

A Contingent Worker at Intel