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RealSense D435i T265 Labview MyRio Color/Object Recognition Newbie!!


I have been given the opportunity to use a RealSense D435i depth camera and a RealSense T265 tracking camera in a school project. Project Objection: Once my vehicle reaches a given GPS coordinate, the camera needs to find a 24" red circular sign, return a distance and X,Y coordinates so that the vehicle can maneuver into position. The sign is a target given to represent being within one meter of a fire. As soon as the required position is achieved the fire extinguishing agent will be dispersed and hopefully put out the fire.  Problem one is that I am fairly new to Labview, and this is the software of preference. The instructor wants everything to end up running through the MyRio processor, however we are allowed to use Pi or Arduino products in front if finding proper code to run products becomes an issue. Problem two is I am brand new to the RealSense camera line. Problem three is that I have only about 6 weeks to get this running and a prototype  working.   Any information would be greatly appreciated! I am very green,  so please keep this in mind. Thanks again!

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