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Reg: SDK cross compilation on Edison board

Hi Everyone..

I am new to this technology.I have done exactly which is given in the link C/C++ cross compilation from the command line for the Intel Edison · GitHub and I have compiled it for HTS221 sensor. After I enter CC hts221.c -o hts221 on cmd line, the output is as CC command is not found.On the download page of the cross compilers should I could only save .sh file but not a tar file is this the correct way or I should get a tar file only when I download for SDK -Cross compiler tools (linux 64 ) ??

Thanks & Regards


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Community Manager

Hello srujani,



I would like to know why did you build the image for the HTS221? As I understand this is a simple I2C sensor, I believe it can be used just by retreaving its data by following the instructions in the documentation found in



Is there any special reason why you build the image?




Thanks for the reply Peter,

1)Firstly when I do cross compilation for a simple hello.c also, the output is as CC command not found.I have done exactly which is mentioned on the link command is CC hello.c -o hello.

2) For cross compiling the edison board can I know what toolchain should I use and the architecture??

3)I am having drivers for hts221 so before doing it on the edison board,I just want to cross check using the cross compilation.Can I know the steps for that...



New Contributor I

If you want a quick way to get to the point where you can write your "Hello World" and download it to the Edsion, I would recommend to start here: IoT - IDEs | Intel® Software

and download the IDE according to your platform here:

Intel® System Studio IoT Edition

It will be an Eclipse IDE with all the necassary plugins and toolchains in a simple way. Explore your Edison unit on your LAN, define it, and you can run what you write.


You started with command line, which has its advantages - I prefer it myself - but it is a lot easier to get it running with the Eclipse based environment.


Community Manager

Hi Srujani,



If you would like to set cross compilation on Edison, my first suggestion would be that you follow the official documentation, which can be found in



And as Istvan mentioned, if you would simply like to upload C/C++ code to you Edison, an easier option would be to install and use the Intel® System Studio IoT Edition. If you would like to follow this approach I'd suggest you to follow this guide



Nevertheless, I must admit that I'm still confused by what you are trying to do, could you please give us a brief explanation of your project. Maybe that way we'll be able to provide you more accurate suggestions.