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Rules based Actuation not working with Intel Analytics dashboard

I have an Edison board set up with the Intel IoT Analytics Dashboard. My iotkit-agent is running and MQTT protocol has been setup. The Date and Time is also correctly setup. I am able to send data to the dashboard and see charts being plotted. (I am using a simple light monitor as an example). I want to send a buzzer actuation from the cloud and have created command and rules.

When I manually trigger the command (created a command called MY_BUZZER_ON with parameter 1), I can see the JSON command in iotkit-agent logs being sent from the cloud to my device. All good till here. But the same command is not triggered by a rule. My rule is that if light > 500, trigger MY_BUZZER_ON command. I can see values more than 500 being received in the dashboard and plotted in the graph, but my rule does not get executed. Very rarely 1 out of 100 times one rule is triggered after 4-5 min of delay.

Is this is a known behavior with the Intel IoT Analytics dashboard or there are some settings to improve rule based actuations? Need some solution desperately.

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