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STK1A32WFCR running Ubuntu, any way back to Win8.1?


I have just bought a STK1A32WFCR advertised as "Only used once, as new, out of the box" but discovered it is running Ubuntu.

The vendor states he was offered a choice at first power-on between Win/Linux and chose Ubuntu (I didn't realise this choice was offered by Intel).

I want it running Windows.

a) Does choosing Ubuntu wipe the Windows recovery partition?

b) Is there any official way to restore it to a Windows device?

Googling hasn't really found anything definitive.

All pages about reset/refresh Windows assume it is already able to boot the Windows restore environment with F8, which does nothing in a Ubuntu boot.

The most likely scenario seems to be downloading a Win 8.1 ISO from somewhere, installing it from a USB stick and hoping that NirSoft ProduKey can extract a usable product key from the BIOS to plug back in.

Is there a better way?

Thanks, Len.

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This stick came with Windows 8.1 with Bing" Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Compute Sticks

I would not count on retrieving a product key.

If you do try to install W8.1, this thread may be of help:

Some users have tried, apparently successfully, to use the image in the first post here:

You are on your own with these two links.