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STK1AW32SC, problems display (HDMI output) for 90% of the cases not coming on.


Have a STK1AW32SC, Windows 10 1607 , 32 bit, bios 0029 and latest SOC,TXEI and GFX drivers.

This stick has the x5-Z8330 CPU!!.

Have problems and also with previous original Windows 10 and drivers that came with stick, that display (HDMI output) for 90% of the cases not coming on anymore after I shutdown the stick, I leave usb power adapter in socket.

It occurs after not using it for several hours.

Tried this on two TV/ Monitor sets, Panasonic and brand new LG tv/monitor, saw the compatible list but can't imagine that this stick only works on the few mentioned TV or monitors.

Need to hold power button 5 seconds to switch stick off and then on again to make it work.

Is this bios 0029 related, is stick only HDMI 1.4b compatible and can I flash previous bios versions to test without causing problems?

BTW, Windows seems ?? to start correct, coz I need to wait 1 minute before I shut it off with 5 seconds holding power button, otherwise a repair diagnostic screen appears.

No problems when I restart stick from Windows.

Anyone same problems and how to solve it?

Which HDMI switch is working on this stick, in case it's a HDMI handshake problem, because can't see one in the tested compatibillity list.


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Community Manager

Hello SamJM



In regard to your concern, I would like you to please complete a manual install of the latest graphic drivers for your Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC. Manually Install an Intel® Graphics Driver in Windows® 10 and Windows 8*/8.1*



This will be the latest graphic driver: Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC



Also, you can confirm at the following link the tested peripherals for your Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC Tested Peripherals for Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC and STK1A32SC



On that list, you can confirm if the model of the TV/monitor has been tested with your Compute Stick.



In case if they are not on the list, as you have mentioned LG and Panasonic, at the following links you will be able to find the contact supports for those manufacturers in order to confirm directly if the Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC has been tested with any of them. LG Support Contacts Panasonic Support Contacts



I am looking forward to hearing from you.






Okay thanks,

What I found out is:

Problem get caused by two different modes the LG TV Computer monitor has, sleeping power saving mode and off mode by remote.

This 2016 24" full HD model get sold as a TV & computer monitor. Stick has the 8330 CPU.

Sleeping power saving mode:

When I shutdown Windows 10 and do nothing with my TV Monitor it goes in sleeping mode before compute stick completes to shut down (blue led off)

In this case I have a problem that the HDMI handshake not going well between the two devices, especcially after leaving the stick off for several hours, no HDMI output from stick when I power on monitor and stick or in whatever order I start both devices.

Need to force to shutdown the stick with holding power button 6 seconds and start it again to have HDMI output from stick.

Off mode by remote:

When I shut down Windows 10 and immediatly also power off tv monitor with the remote, tv monitor in off mode, I don't have any problem when I power on TV and then the compute stick.

But have each time ones the problem again when I change something in display or power saving settings and after that one time it is working okay again, weird ??, maybe conflict in SOC, TXEI and GFX with BIOS?

The question, is this a bios hick up or related to the LG TV monitor, windows 10 is starting correct I believe, when I don't have HDMI output, because when I shut down too soon the stick with holding the power button, and start it again, I get a diagnostic screen because of interupting the startup, but not when I leave it for a minute before shut down stick.

Using bios 0029 and all latest drivers, Windows 10, 32 bits, but also tried 64 bits with same problem. Tried all kind of settings in Windows regarding the power saving features.

For now can work with power off TV monitor with remote before compute stick shuts down (blue led off), but it would be nice that when I start the stick the monitor also comes out of sleeping mode. Had this problem when I received the stick with the preinstalled Windows 10 and drivers, after upgrade drivers with update utillity tool and after making a total fresh install to W10, 1607 and manually installed drivers, SOC, TXEI and then GFX etc.



Community Manager

Hello SamJM,



Could you please try to update the BIOS of your Intel® Compute Stick STK1AW32SC it was released on 11/18/2016: BIOS Update [SCCHTAX5.86A]



Also, the last thing that I would like you to please try; connect your Compute Stick with another cable and confirm if the issue still persists.



Please complete those steps and if the issue continues do not hesitate to reply back.



I hope I can hear from you soon.






Hi Angie,

The short HDMI cable that came with stick is okay, replaced it with a longer 1.4b PRO cable but that didn't solved it, also not when I directly putted the stick in HDMI socket.

But, bios 0030 indeed solved the problem.

The reason for that seems to be that stick shuts down faster from Windoes 10 comparing to bios 0029.

With other words, blue led from stick is now already off before my TV monitor goes in power saving sleep mode.

Also powering with power button of stick brings my TV monitor out of sleep, great!!

Thanks for your reply Angie


Shame, two days later without changing anything and four correct startups it failed again.

Also other issue, have the Lenovo lan usb 3.0 hub that is in the list of tested stuff but can't connect it to USB 3.0, it worked one time, but after power off/ on I hear sound of connecting it every few seconds and after two minutes it stops but no connection with message driver failure, in the USB 2.0 port have not that problem but have then only 100 mbit instead of 1 gbit connection and need to change usb stick from keyboard. mouse to the usb 3.0 port. Running W10, 1607, 32 bit.

Also installed the Lenovo driver but didn.t do the trick.