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Sending sensor data from intel edison to AWS server

Hi guys,

Is there any way to send sensor data to AWS server using arduino IDE.

I did got some libraries, but its not working. Did anyone performed this activity before?

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Community Manager

Hi Gray-Worm,



Thank you for contacting us.



We investigated about your case and it seems that AWS IoT is not intended to be used with the Arduino IDE, that's probably the reason why the libraries you're using aren't working. You can see a related discussion here: .



There are other options to use the AWS on the Edison that, even though, aren't with the Arduino, can help you use this service successfully. Some useful guides that can help you achieve this can be seen below:



Let us know if this answers your questions.





-Sergio A


Community Manager

Dear Sergio,

Thanks for your time..

Yes its true that we can not use Arduino IDE as well can not use intel xdk ide to code for AWS.

Limitations are : Arduino doesnt support Lib also Intel xdk does not support.

So better option is to get AWS default c/java/node.js SDK on the deviceand use it for our coding.

Though i would like to explore some more options, I am thinking to invoke the ports/pins at mcu level, without any library dependency.

Could you please let me know, if its feasible to code at mcu level like for example wifi connection invocation without using any libraries.

If its better to have libraries, could you share some info on Lib creation & use on boards.

Have some more questions please look onto it too.

1) I am using mraa library( C lang) for HC SR 04 sensor, to calculate the distance. I am checking PIN output (0,1), i am running timer to get the time difference between(0/1) and calculating the distance based on it, Is there any better approach than the proposed one ?

2) Its written in C, i want to invoke it on start of board, i got some codes for node.js to run on start, but did not get any success on invoking C on start, can help on it?

Awaiting for your reply...

Thank you very much..



Community Manager

Hi GrayWorm,



We looked at the MCU examples and the MCU API. There aren't any sample codes that are similar to what you intend to do, similarly, the MCU API doesn't seem to have the functionality you require. What the MCU API allows can be found here: The best approach to work with AWS is to develop your project taking into consideration the resources already available, this way you can have a reference of what can be done with the service and how you can achieve it. I'd suggest you to take a look at .



This link has lots of valuable information related to AWS with the Edison, such as documentation, guides, and sample codes in several languages. We encourage you to use the information on this link to further develop your project.



In regards to your last questions, the approach to calculate the distance looks ok, are you having any issues with the calculations?



Also, to auto-start codes in C, for example, the process involves creating a service as explained here: . This example uses JavaScript, but the process is very similar to C. Let us know if you encounter any issues following these steps and creating this service.



Let us know if you have any other questions.





-Sergio A