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Sharing cross-compile driver development on galileo ways

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First,Create my own image with yocto. GitHub - AjanthaB/Building-a-Yocto-image-for-Galileo-Gen-2-bord: Building a Yocto image for Galileo Gen 2 bord. And ins…

here is build galileo yocto project ways.


1.don't use root permission,exit root

2.after source ./oe-init-build-env xx_build (no iot-devkit-init-build-env)

you might need to edit xx-build/conf/bblayers.conf, add these config in it:


/home/emel/meta-clanton_v1.2.1.1/meta-openembedded/meta-python \

/home/emel/meta-clanton_v1.2.1.1/meta-openembedded/meta-oe \

" also need to cp repo-ext/meta-openembedded to over old meta-openembedded in meta-clanton_v1.2.1.1,

because there is meta-python in new meta-openembedded

after that you can run bitbake command.

......waiting ........(serval hours)


finally,you can run your zbImage,and then,you also can develop you driver, make ... insmod... rmmod... in you system on galileo Developing a Kernel Driver Without Building it into the Gateway Operating System | Intel® Software

ok,that's all.

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