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Slow WIFI issue - Solved?


Finally I may have found a solution to a slow WiFi issue!

My setup is as follow:

A TV with the Intel Compute Stick connected in the living room.

The stick gets its power from a wall outlet.

The WiFi router is located in another room about 4.5 meters away and behind a wall.

And another desktop computer from which I wish to share vids to the stick connected by LAN to the router.

When I got the stick I was able to achieve a bandwidth of no more than 350KBps (or ~2.5mbps).

This was OK for easy 480p videos but not for HD streaming.

I searched the net about issues with the WiFi adapter (RTL8723BS) and found that other devices which has this adapter also suffer from similar issues.

I almost gave up when I encountered this post:

The article explains that there may be an issue with power management of the adapter when running on battery mode.

I had a guess that the adapter in the stick may turn this power management even when connected to a wall outlet.

So I gave it a try.

The process is short as all you need to do is to change a registry key at:


(X may be one of 0 / 1 / 2 ... )  

Search for and change the value of bLeisurePs from 2 to 0.

Then disable and re-enable the wireless interface in Device Manager.

The results were amazing. It boosted the bandwidth - now more than 1.5MBps (> 12mbps) which is just fine for full HD.

This is really good news as there is no need for an external WiFi adapter and a USB hub to connect also input devices.

I only wish someone from Intel could validate this method and make sure it doesn't harm the stick in the long run.

For me it works perfectly so far.

Please note that I haven't tested this with the stick powered by a TV USB port.

Also, I didn't try working with Bluetooth devices yet.

I hope this helps others who encountered the same issue.

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Hello amir_ro,

Thank you for joining the Intel communities.

We really appreciate you have reply with this information.

In this case, I'm not sure if this is going to harm your unit after a while since this a configuration from Windows registry.

Please be aware that the onboard Realtek RTL8723BS wireless adapter is an SDIO adapter; SDIO is inherently slower than PCIe-based wireless adapters. Wi-Fi speeds can be very slow, depending on many factors:

If there are other Wi-Fi routers nearby. Router channel is set to Auto (and so is everyone else's).

How close the unit is to the router (router is in another room; signal passes through walls/floors).

Interference from other devices (mobile phones, cordless phones, microwaves, Bluetooth devices, or baby monitors.

This is the workarounds we recommend:

Try to eliminate interference with nearby wireless devices (like microwave, cordless phones).

Experiment with setting the router channel to a specific one, not Auto. Note: 2.4GHz can use channels 1, 6, and 11.

Try hooking a second router or a router extender to your main router to spread the signal throughout the house.

Disable the onboard wireless in BIOS and use a USB-based Ethernet adapter. Wired Ethernet is always going to be faster than Wi-Fi

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Thx amir_ro, I've had issues with buffering and bandwidth on my device too. Might give this a try, wouldn't surprise me. Intel doesn't seem to do much actual real world testing.

Also the support staff saying "I'm not sure if this is going to harm ..." means what? why even say something, if you don't know and then make like it will harm. Putting blame on interference, and no other device in the home has issues ... you would say it's a ICS issue.


the Realtek card inside the Intel stick is quite crappy, but it can be fast if all conditions all good.

My Intel compute stick is only 1 meter from the AP, and it can do 40-50Mbit, but sometimes speeds slow down to 2-3Mbit for no clear reason.

I have 3 devices that exhibit this slow wifi sympom at the same time: an intel compute stick, a toshiba windows tablet and a cheap chinese MK802. The first two are based on exactly the same wifi card (the mk802 is also a realtek, but I don't know which model). If these devices have their wifi problems, they are also capable of disturbing wireless keyboard signals during a download/upload.

Other devices work fine at full speed (several androids, windows PC's, chromecast, even my €200 Chromebook is rock solid at that time on the 2.4Ghz channel).

I tried changing some setting on my AP (switching 20/40Mhz or b/g/n setting), but without any results. Switching the cannel (e.g. from 3 to 4) solved the problem temporarily (for all 3 devices at once !!!). For some reason these realteks are very sensitive to some kind of interference.